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The Walking Dead - No Man's Land

Stay human and survive in the dangerous world of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Trained by Daryl Dixon, your group will fight the walker menace and save other survivors from Terminus to the Prison. The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land available on iOS now.

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Each and every survivor in The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land bears the scars from life and death struggles. Form a group and train them to fight with scavenged and improvised weapons. Use their individual skills to navigate deadly missions and do whatever it takes to stay human.


As crowd control experts, Bruisers are unfazed by large groups of walkers. They carry blunt, heavy weapons that inflict maximum damage to everything within striking distance.


Trained to kill, Shooters have what it takes to finish off wounded enemies with a single shot to the head. Pistols and revolvers are their weapon of choice, a possible throwback to their lives before the epidemic.


Hunters keep cool, taking out enemies from distance with perfectly aimed bullets. Scoped and long range rifles are their speciality - the more powerful and accurate, the better.


Using suppressive fire, Assault specialists mow down crowds of walkers in one burst. They won’t accept anything less than heavy fire power, using a variety of semi-automatic rifles to maximum effect.


Silent, stealthy and lethally accurate, Warriors are highly trained killers. They make a personal connection to their sword and become masters of cutting down walkers before they have even been detected.


The Scouts are swift movers who specialize in single target strikes. Armed with little more than a blade or screwdriver, they are able to inflict critical brain damage upon their enemies - human or otherwise.

Stories and locations

Road to Terminus
Military rations
Prison voices
Shadow of Eden
American pastoral
Proving Grounds
Rendevouz with Eden
The Pursuit
Escape Distractions

Some of us made it out of Terminus alive. Most didn't.

We heard rumors of an abandoned supply convoy. We decided to take our chances with it.

Jack had an idea of going through the cellar. A safe shortcut, he said. He's dead now

This place is gone. Dead everywhere.

We heard the screams from the other side of the fence, but rushing in was a bad idea.

This place is almost secured. Two left!

We heard a rumor of a thriving community in Woodbury. That was some weeks ago.

We figured we'd find safety on a remote farm. The tall vegetation turned out to be infested with walkers.

We had made it through most of the town unscathed, but we would not get to the supply crates without a fight.

Damn. Even the National Guard were no match for the walker horde.

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